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De-Escalating Holiday Season Drama with Grace and Poise

The holidays, often envisioned as a time for warmth, love, and celebration, can sometimes take a wrong turn when family and friends come together. But, rather than letting disagreements spoil the season, it's crucial to prepare, stay vigilant, and prioritise your well-being during this special time of year.

"Why do we fight at the holidays?" It's a question worth exploring as we brace ourselves for festive gatherings. A multitude of factors contribute to this heightened potential for discord.

Holiday Stress

The season is accompanied by its fair share of stressors. The financial pressure of buying gifts, coupled with the colder, darker days, can take a toll. Balancing work commitments and taking time off can be particularly challenging during this period.

Emotional Vulnerability

The holidays can stir up a host of emotions. They might resurface painful memories or force us to confront certain realities, such as the absence of family or close support systems. This emotional vulnerability can leave us feeling ill-equipped to express ourselves accurately or to be open and non-judgmental.

Impact on Reasoning

The holiday season is often emotionally charged, filled with positive and negative emotions. This heightened emotional arousal can significantly impact our ability to reason and behave rationally. When our emotions are in overdrive, our judgment can become clouded. We may need help to think clearly and objectively, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.

One expected consequence of heightened emotional arousal during the holidays is increased defensiveness. We tend to be more sensitive to perceived criticisms or slights when our emotions run high. This defensiveness can lead to unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings, as we may react more strongly than we would in a less emotionally charged environment.

Communication is also greatly affected by heightened emotional arousal. It becomes more challenging to communicate effectively when we are emotionally agitated. We may struggle to express ourselves clearly and calmly, resulting in miscommunications and further fuelling disagreements.

Alcohol's Role in the Holiday Mix

Alcohol has long been a central element of holiday gatherings, often flowing freely on festive occasions. While it can contribute to a lively atmosphere, it also significantly escalates arguments and conflicts. The reason is that alcohol can lower inhibitions and impair judgment.

When individuals consume alcohol, they often become more relaxed and less restrained. This can lead to a lack of composure, making it harder for people to maintain self-control. In this state, individuals may be more likely to voice their opinions forcefully, become easily agitated, and engage in confrontations they might otherwise avoid.

A survey by the American Addiction Centres in 2021 found that a substantial 57% of the 3,400 respondents reported at least one family member who becomes argumentative after consuming excessive alcohol during holiday gatherings. This statistic underscores the role of alcohol in sparking disputes during the holiday season.

Prioritising Your Health This Holiday Season

Aim for a harmonious blend of festive cheer and self-care this holiday season. Regular medical screenings are essential to maintaining your well-being and ensuring a healthier and happier you.

If you have any inquiries or want to schedule a medical screening, please get in touch with us at +356 21221355 or 9985 2404 or email us at Your health remains our utmost priority, and our dedicated team is here to provide you with unwavering support throughout your health journey.

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