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Summer bliss comes with its dangers

We’ve all been yearning for the summer months and with two difficult years behind us, we can hardly wait to step outside and enjoy the warm weather.

Globally speaking Malta enjoys mild weather throughout the year and across all seasons, but summer does come with its hidden perils, and being aware of them is a must.

1. When hot is too hot

Three of the most common summer health issues are heatstroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration. These come with some very nasty symptoms such as light-headedness, muscle cramps, headaches, and nausea. Heat exhaustion can very quickly lead to heatstroke, which if not tended too quickly can irreparably damage vital organs and muscles. Sometimes, in extenuating circumstances and conditions, heatstroke can also be deadly.

If you or someone you know starts to experience symptoms of heat exhaustion, make sure to lower the body’s temperature in every way possible, stop any physical activity and drink lots of fluid. If symptoms do not subside seek medical attention immediately.

Keep a special eye out for children and seniors because they are the most vulnerable and are more at risk. Physical activities should be limited to early morning and evenings, when the temperature is at its lowest, and wear airy, light clothes instead of tight synthetic materials.

2. Keep it flowing

Drinking lots of liquids is key to avoid dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration vary and are sometimes hard to detect. An infant or child might not be able to produce tears when crying or have sunken eyes and a particularly dry mouth. In adults, dehydration could manifest itself in the form of fatigue, thirst, dizziness, dark urine, and general confusion.

Luckily, the solution to avoiding all this is simple. Drink water and drink often, especially if you’re being physically active or consuming alcohol. Some foods can also be great for hydration. These include lettuce, watermelon, strawberries and other foods that have high water content.

3. Stay safe

Whilst cooling off by swimming is a great idea for the summer months, sometimes swimming can pose health risks. Make sure you stay safe in the water, and remember that whether you are swimming in the sea or in a pool, different precautions must be taken. Do not jump headfirst in shallow areas, be careful of changing weather, and be especially careful when consuming alcohol and swimming.

4. Watch that UV

Sunburns are probably the most common summer ailment experienced in the Maltese Islands. The effects of sun exposure are long term and highly consequential. Not only are sunburns extremely painful but overexposure to the sun increases the risk of cancer. Apply a high factor sunscreen even on not so sunny days, avoid the midday sun, and cover up wherever and whenever you can.

Enjoy summer, stay safe and stay cool.

Quality of life is determined by your health. Regular medical and blood screening is key for such diagnosis and we recommend annual screening tests for effective diagnosis to ensure that you can maintain your quality of life.

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