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Sneezing into Spring: Common Seasonal Allergies and How to Avoid them

Whilst the notion of spring generally generates images of new blooms, and the feeling of the warm sun on one’s skin, it can also bring about a myriad of health issues. During this season, knowing what these health issues may be and how to mitigate them is key.

Allergies and Asthma

During this period of the year, plants are desperately trying to reproduce. To do so, they release pollen with the hopes of either attracting an insect that can spread the pollen further, or relying on the wind to disperse it. As a consequence of this, the air is suffused with this substance. In Malta, people usually report issues with hay fever and allergies when the weather starts to warm up in later February.

Whilst asthma is not a health issue which exclusively pertains to the spring months, sufferers of this condition may report worse symptoms at this time. Asthmatic people often have different triggers, but during the springtime, the following are the most commonly reported to bring about an attack: garden fertilisers, pesticides, the aforementioned pollen, and temperature changes.


Despite Winter showcasing the most drastic decrease in temperatures, it is Springtime which reports the greatest number of patients suffering from the common cold. It is therefore imperative during this period to keep up with personal hygiene, which is an increased importance towards washing your hands and avoiding touching your mouth and nose.

Problems Whilst Outdoors

Being outdoors more during springtime, people may start to be exposed to critters and organisms that they may have been sheltered from in the colder months. The number of insects is at its peak during this time, and it is therefore advised to use insect repellant. Long-sleeved tops, as well as long pants, are to be worn to decrease the possible surface area which could be bitten by nasty predatory bugs.

The warmer weather makes going out for a jog or throwing a ball around sound more appealing, but it is important to exercise care during such activities. If a person has not been physically active for a while, exercise injuries are made all the more common. Before attempting such movements, ensure your muscles are adequately warmed up and stretched. A cool-down routine can also aid in the mitigation of such injuries.

Amongst our islands, UV rays become rather strong quite early in the year, with sunburns being reported as early as springtime. UV rays are still present even when the sky appears cloudy. Our increased presence outdoors is also a contributing factor to this, so when spending time exposed to the elements, it is crucial to wear and apply sunblock every two hours as well as wearing a sunhat and eye protection.

If you are suffering from any of the above health conditions, please seek medical advice.

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