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Power Naps: How Soldiers Sleep

It is a well-known fact that the human body needs sleep to function adequately. This fact does not change the reality that thousands of people across the island do not get enough sleep each night. This can lead to people feeling tired throughout the day, people who might not have the time to shut their eyes during the day. This lack of sleep is something commonly experienced by US military personnel, who developed a trick allowing people to fall asleep within seconds and nap efficiently.

What is a power nap?

A practice not unbeknownst to countries where afternoon “siestas” are integrated into daily regimes, a power nap is defined as a period of sleep lasting around 10-30 minutes. This time frame allows an individual to acquire all the benefits of a longer period of sleep without risking waking up experiencing grogginess or more fatigue.

Why should you nap?

The United States Navy SEALs emphasise the importance of napping for many reasons. It has been proven to reduce tiredness and feelings of lethargy, as well as improve memory. Despite its benefits, many individuals find napping during the daytime a difficult task, either due to time constraints or as they struggle to fall asleep. With this being said, power naps are not a solution to issues such as insomnia or struggles with sleep apnea.

How can I power nap?

The Navy SEALs state that to doze off quickly, your feet should be elevated higher than your heart. You should be flat on your back with your legs propped up on an object. For example, if you are lying on a sofa, your legs should be situated higher than your body on the armrest. Once in this position, set a timer for 10 minutes. Whilst it sounds like a short while, you will wake up feeling refreshed, as if you have just slept deeply for six hours.

Is this all true?

Yes, ex-military man Jocko Willink emphasised the importance of this regime during his day, and outlines the method in his new book “Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual”. It was thanks to Willink that this trick rose to prominence online, and has helped millions of people manage their sleep deprivation symptoms. It was tested by multiple persons online, with one TikToker Alice Jenning stating that when she tried the United States Navy SEAL officer’s trick, she fell asleep within seconds and woke up feeling energised.

Sleep is essential to your health and well-being, and if you are regularly experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep, do seek help.

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