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Such a lovely time of the year!!!…..but also often very stressful for a number of reasons. You may have too much to do, planning all those events and activities, decorating the home, getting all the cooking and baking done….and then there’s the Christmas shopping to get done. Additionally, although we love family, the dynamics of different branches of the family may also prove stressful. Maybe your in-laws don’t get on so well with your family, there may also be ex-es in the picture….and the list goes on…..

And you’re surprised that you feel stressed out?? 😊😊

If you do not pay attention to these stressors you may find that the stress level will continue to build up and may even start to affect your immune system, your sleep patterns and your overall health. Research has shown that during the festive season there is actually an increase in the occurrence of heart-related deaths. This may be attributed to stress, heavy alcohol consumption, a fatty diet, or all three. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you manage your holiday stress.

In preparation for this much anticipated period, we’d like to give you some tips you can use to help manage your stress levels:

Limit spending: It is so easy to go overboard and spend and spend during these times. However, it is important to set a budget and to stick to it. Being organised and realistic about your budget will help you not to overspend.

Avoid temptation: This is often difficult at this time of the year, but you can avoid impulse buying by taking only the cash you can afford to spend when you go on shopping trips and leaving all your credit cards at home.

Avoid overindulging: One day of indulgence will not lead to significant weight gain, as long as you plan to get back on track in the following days, but repeated overindulgence will take its toll and may lead to significant health issues. The secret is to pace yourself and also, know when to stop.

Manage expectations and be realistic: You want everything to be perfect but some hitches or surprises are bound to happen. So what if you arrive a few minutes late to that event, or if the decorations on your cake aren’t perfect…and this links to the next point.

Keep in mind what is important: The time spent with loved ones and your relationships with friends and family are more important than material objects and it is important to keep these priorities in mind, especially when things aren’t going exactly as planned. Plan fun activities that encourage everyone to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

To counter the stress of this period, here are a few holiday activities that can surprisingly reduce stress effectively and keep you happy and healthy.

Spend Time with Family and Friends:

Spending time with people you are close to can help you FEEL happy and this has been proven by many studies. Connecting with others can decrease your stress levels and this gives a great incentive to look forward to those family gatherings!

Light as the Anti-Stressor

Did you know that being around light could have such positive, stress-reducing effects? Natural light creates positive changes in the brain and improves your emotional response to negative situations. Just switch on your Christmas tree, light a candle or head to Valletta to see the Christmas lights to help boost your mood.

Traditional Holiday Scents

Christmas is the source of so many beautiful, enticing and evocative smells, from the smell of pine trees, to the smell of cinnamon or gingerbread and these smells can evoke pleasant, childhood memories. If you’re feeling stressed out, just focus on your favourite holiday smells and you will see how this can help you to start to calm down and relax.


Singing lowers stress levels and relieves anxiety, especially when singing in a group. Singing elevates our endorphin levels which evoke feelings of pleasure. Singing also increases oxytocin levels to reduce stress and anxiety. So organise a sing song or a karaoke, go Christmas carolling and feel the stress melt away!

Spend Time Outside

Outdoor exercising during winter is proven to relieve stress more effectively than indoor exercising. And you can combine this activity with any other, such as spending time with family and friends too to get the maximum benefit!

Give Back

It may be surprising that when we give to others, we often feel much better ourselves. This may be because we take our focus off our own problems and issues. This can make us realise how lucky we are and makes us more grateful for our own circumstances, giving us a more positive attitude.

Most important of all, make sure that you do enjoy the little holiday traditions while keeping your stress levels in check!

How is your health? Are you feeling healthy? One of the main stressors may be our health. We recommend annual medical and blood screening to ensure that you can maintain your quality of life.

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