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How to be Ho Ho Healthy this Holiday Season

Whilst Christmas itself is only one day of 365, the anticipation surrounding it creates a few busily enjoyable weeks for the majority of the population. This tumultuous yet merry time may bring about a decline in an individual’s holistic health, as it’s easy to let nutrition and self-care practices get neglected. This article shares 5 easy solutions to maintaining your healthy lifestyle during the holiday season.

Fill up on Fibre

Fibre is a carbohydrate which helps our bodies feel satisfied after eating and aids the process of digestion by propelling food out of our systems. Although fibre is a carbohydrate deemed indigestible by our bodies it is imperative for the entire process of digestion. It can be found in leafy greens such as Brussels sprouts, wholegrain bread and rice, oats, fruits, and legumes. Try to include a variety of fibre-rich foods to keep you feeling full and prevent constipation.

Do not Skip Meals

A common phenomenon during the holiday season is skipping meals or under-eating all day or in the days leading up to an event. This can be harmful and lead to a restrictive mindset surrounding eating. Responding to hunger cues and listening to your body’s needs is vital to moderating your food intake and maintaining regular eating habits. Consuming balanced meals and nibbling on healthy snacks can satisfy and satiate you, lessening the likelihood of overeating.

Regulate Your Drinking

The Holiday Season is usually brimming with social events, thus offering more opportunities for alcohol to be consumed. The type, amount and frequency of alcohol intake are entirely up to an individual’s personal preference. With that being said, consuming above the recommended alcohol intake correlates with higher risks of heart disease, liver disease, and other long-term health issues. If you choose to drink, ensure adequate hydration throughout the drinking period, and moderate your alcohol intake.

Maintain Movement

Exercise is important all year round, but has been observed to be bumped down the priority list during the holiday season. A healthy heart necessitates activity all year round, thus, aim to go for walks in the fresh December weather with a loved one, or cycle around Buskett or Ta’ Qali and be in touch with the Maltese natural environment. Any activity is better than no activity at all, and exercise has been proven to release endorphins - the happy chemicals – and subsequently improve your mental health.

Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep may be disregarded during this time, with late nights, alcohol intake and anxiety contributing to this. Proper rest can only occur when you spend 7-8 hours asleep. Recovery and restoration of our body’s cells and processes is almost entirely reliant on sleep. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and technology-free periods can improve the quality and duration of your sleep.

If the Christmas period has brought about any undesirable physical or mental health ailments, make use of Clinipath’s services: our healthcare diagnostic tools will ensure that we set you back on the right path.

For more information about regular health screening services, contact us today on +356 21221355, 9985 2404 or send an email on

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