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Exercise your Brain to Achieve Happiness and Fulfilment

It is a well-known truth that happiness has a positive impact on overall health. Happy people perform better, have a lower blood pressure, and suffer fewer heart attacks. Ultimately, they even live longer.

But is it possible to feel happy all the time? Certainly not.

However, by cultivating faith, thinking positive thoughts, and practising good affirmations, you can develop the habit of happiness over time.

First, it is important to accept and understand that it is possible to train your brain to be happier. The secret is to set aside some time to strategically train your brain to feel more positive. This can be done in many ways - you can choose to unwind by reading a motivational book, or by writing down events from your day that you appreciate. You can also choose to schedule some "me" time before bed to relax and plan.

Here are some ideas on how you can train your brain to feel happier:

Tap into existing positive energy

Try to tap into the positive energy that exists within you and around you. Consider the positive and straightforward things you see around you for a moment. For example, consider how living creatures other than humans can make your life more comfortable, pleasant, and meaningful.

Take notes

Making a mental note of your day-to-day activities can also help relieve stress. Write about the emotions you experience every day. Take note of your anger, jealousy, anxiety, pain, depression, and happiness. Put forth some effort to question your emotions, ask yourself why you are experiencing unpleasant feelings, and explain those feelings to yourself.

Laugh negative thoughts away

Try to find happiness in the little things in life and do not let negative thoughts get the better of you. Laugh at yourself. A lot. Do not let negative thoughts fester. Be aware of them and filter them through rational thinking. This will definitely aid in the regulation of your emotions.

Find a good balance

Maintain your day's activity by balancing work and leisure. Keep a list of things to do, do them, and then move on to enjoying yourself. Play music, sing, and participate in hands-on crafts, painting, and creative activities. Focus on one task at a time and stop trying to do too many things at once. This improves your performance in whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.


The most important aspect of training your brain to be happy is maintaining a regular exercise routine. Even if you only give yourself fifteen minutes of physical activity a day, the result can feel miraculous. It may not appear easy, but you can do it. Put aside fifteen minutes a day to go out for a walk, practise yoga at home or follow an online dance class. Whatever you choose to do, you will start feeling a difference in as little as a couple of days.

Think of others but do not overdo it

Helping others is satisfying. The brain releases feel-good hormones whenever we make others feel better, however, if you overdo it, and put everyone else’s needs before yours, this can backfire. Start by taking care of yourself, then move on to helping others, and never the other way round.

Happiness is an achievable goal, but like all other life goals, we must work at it. Start today and don’t look back. Look forward to your happiness.

Whilst your happiness can affect your overall health, the opposite is also true. Taking care of your health through routine check-ups, regular screenings and effective diagnosis is the first step to achieving a happy and healthy state of mind. If you would like information about our health screening, contact us today on +356 21221355, +356 9985 2404 or send an email on

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