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Are you taking care of your employees' wellness?

When employees are well, companies do well.

There are no local studies to date but according to the American Institute of Stress, an estimated 75-90% of visits to doctors are for stress-related disorders, and studies confirm that occupational pressures and fears are the leading source of stress for American adults. Additionally, missed work days and health care costs U.S. employers $225.8 billion each year — that’s about $1,685 per employee. That’s not all: according to a Gallup study, 70% of American employees are not working to their full potential as they do not feel engaged at work.

So keeping your workforce healthy and engaged is critical to ensure that your business is healthy.

As a company, you can contribute significantly to your employees’ wellness through different workplace initiatives that can help employees to feel, and actually be, healthier overall. The key to the success of such initiatives is introducing practices that encourage changes in lifestyle that are sustainable and can be maintained easily by your team members.

The initial step is to encourage your team members to make healthier habits in the workplace that they’ll hopefully take back home with them to their families.

In this first article about promoting employee wellness, we will share a few easy tips to do so:

Healthy Eating Habits at Work

The Italians and French have the right philosophy with regards to food – they take the time out to enjoy a full and complete meal and would not dream of scoffing their lunch at their desk as many of us tend to do. An actual full lunch break allows you to unplug and recharge and then return to your desk more energised and more productive. Additionally, when you eat at your desk or on the go, it minimises the ability to fully appreciate the food you are eating, and this can lead to overeating and mindless eating.

You can promote healthier eating habits at the workplace by:

  • Encouraging team members to take their full lunch breaks.

  • Creating fruit and veggie baskets and other healthy goodies as snacks in the break room to encourage healthy snacking.

  • Provide a juicer or a blender for the office kitchen.

  • Provide a sizeable fridge to encourage team members to get their own healthy lunches from home.

You will see that when your team members start slowing down and having a healthier diet, they will have higher energy levels and their moods will also improve, positively impacting productivity.

Eating healthily contributes to your team’s health. Another way to ensure your team’s health is through prevention by regular screening. Screening can identify areas of concerns in an individual’s health and can provide a direction to ensure that such areas are tackled in a timely manner. At Clinipath Medical Laboratories, we can provide your organisation with a Company Health Programme that can gauge the function of major organs and can identify some risks at an early stage. This will ensure that your employee’s health is safeguarded.

The services are convenient, accessible and cost-effective and may be performed in our laboratories or in the comfort of your own facility.

This is just a start to a healthier workforce. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing other tips on how to improve the wellness of your team.

Contact us today on 2122 1355, 9985 2404 or send an email on for more information.

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