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Do you know that you can actually do a work-out for your brain?

You can boost your ability to learn, understand and remember! This is called Cognitive Fitness.

Our brain changes continuously throughout our lives. It rewires itself according to our experiences and the demands we put to it and has an amazing capacity to reinvent itself throughout the phases of our life.

The alertness of our brain is the result of what is often called COGNITIVE FITNESS. Is our brain optimised to enable us to be rational, to remember, to learn, to protect our memory and recall?

Use it or lose it is a maxim that is often used, and this is also the case for our brain. Certain lifestyles and attitudes can stimulate you, enhancing your brain function.

You can actually help your brain with COGNITIVE FITNESS that is a form of brain training that will help to maintain your cognitive abilities. Here are a few tips that can help you develop and maintain a sharper and healthier brain:

Tip #1: Manage your Sleep for your Brain’s Health

Sleep is our body’s natural “fixer” and it is essential to get the right amount of sleep to unlock your long-term memory. If you have trouble falling asleep or remaining asleep, you may need to find ways to help you sleep better, such as doing regular exercise, relaxation and meditation techniques, cutting down on alcohol and caffeine amongst others.


Tip #2: Eating for your Brain’s Health

It has been proven that certain foods help prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s while others can be positively damaging to your brain. Do consult with your medical professional for guidance to ensure that you are consuming the best vitamins and nutrients that will propagate your brain’s health.


Tip #3: Physical Exercise for your Brain’s Health

Are you physically active? It has been proven that people who are physically active are at less risk of dementia and will also have better attention levels, and verbal fluency. So get off that couch and go for a walk! Baby steps……you’ll be surprised how better you do feel once you start to venture out of your complacent cocoon.


Tip #4: Mental Exercise for your Brain’s Health

The brain can deteriorate with age. However, there is evidence to show that stimulation of the brain protects you from the detrimental effects of aging. Therefore do stimulate your brain: it is known that certain activities such as doing puzzles, taking cookery, pottery, music or art classes, learning something new, playing board games, travelling - all promote the growth of new brain cells. This helps the brain forge new pathways, reinvigorating and regenerating the brain.

Tip #5: Social Connections for your Brain’s Health

A healthy diet and physical and mental activity are important for the health of your brain, but the brain also craves social connection. Healthy relationships are as important, and it is vital to work to maintain and widen your social network as these interactions give a lifeblood to your brain.

Tip #6: Manage your stressors for your Brain’s Health

Did you know that chronic stress can damage your brain, leading to memory problems? It is important to understand how stressed you are and identify stress triggers to be able to reduce and eliminate these. You may also need to find strategies that will help you manage your stress levels and boost your resilience to protect your brain health.

Cognitive training does have a number of potential benefits as it may sharpen your skills and help you retain more information. The health of your brain is also dependent on your physical health, and it is important to ensure your physical health through regular medical check-ups.


Are you interested in a comprehensive physical screening that is the basis to support your mental wellbeing?  Kick start your journey to a healthier you.

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