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9 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy at Work

Sometimes work feels like such a chore and the day will NOT go by! Whether you are working at the office or from home, it is important to focus on your physical and mental health in the workplace.

Work pressures often mean that we are rushing from one thing to another with little attention to ourselves. However, this may be counter-productive as it can impact our wellbeing, and ultimately, our productivity.

Why is it important to stay healthy at work?

Many of us spend much of our time at work, often sitting at our desks and staring at screens for long periods. This can impact our physical as well as our mental health, having an effect on our morale. By learning techniques to stay healthy in the workplace, we can improve our wellbeing. Instead of feeling burnt out, we can feel energised and enthusiastic.

The following are a few health tips and strategies that you can easily incorporate into your workday:


1. Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby

When the vending machine or the pastizzi shop next door tempt you with their ease and convenience, it’s hard to just say no, especially during that mid-afternoon slump.

So, make sure you leave some kale chips or some hazelnuts in your desk drawer. It’s much easier than getting up to grab something from the office kitchen. Nuts, kale chips, fruits, yoghurt, vegetables, granola bars are all super examples of healthy snacks you can invest in.


2. Bring Your Own Lunch

When you make it, you know exactly what’s in it and you can choose delicious stuff that is also healthy. Yes, this takes work. But it is so worth it – both for your health and for your bank account!

It’s not as hard as you think, it just takes discipline and practice. You can even plan a menu for the week to help you on your way, or combine efforts with a work colleague, taking it in turn to prepare lunch!

Here are a few interesting ideas of healthy lunches you can prepare.


3. Drink MORE water

We all know that water is essential to help keep you alert and energised throughout your day. Water = a happy body - and less headaches!

If you find it difficult to drink more water at work or at play, you can try a variety of tricks to help you on your way:

Use a refillable bottle and set yourself targets. For example you can use markers to set yourself a deadline, such as reaching the bottle’s halfway point by midday. If you prefer some flavour, use a fruit infuser to add a hint of flavour to your water. You can also set yourself reminders on your fitness tracker, phone or laptop to  trigger you to drink a glass of water.

Once you get into the habit, it will become second nature, and you will enjoy the feeling it gives you, as well as the smoother skin!


4. Get moving

Find ways to get some exercise throughout your day as this can help boost your energy and benefit your physical health.

You can easily raise your activity levels by making simple changes to your habits:

·         Park further from the office entrance or use the stairs instead of the lift.

·         Take a walk during your break, maybe with a work colleague

·         Schedule Walking Meetings: turn a regular one-on-one meeting into a walking meeting. This can often be super-productive as it can kick  off the creative juices!

·         You can also find simple exercises that you can actually do at your desk.. For example, you can do stretching exercises or calf raises while sitting at your desk.


5. Start an Office Workout Tradition

Get a group together and kick off your own healthy habits! It can be as simple as swapping coffee for a decaf, go for a 10 minute lunchtime walk, or you can create a “judgement free” ten-minuter each day when members of the team stop what they’re doing to do a round of push-ups together. Besides getting in a quick workout, it’s superb fun and a great way to bond!


6. Stand Up and Stretch

Staring at a screen all day is so hard on the eyes, neck and back. So it is important to take breaks from your computer between tasks, sit up straight and shift positions regularly. Make a conscious effort to think about your posture and adjust yourself if you realise you are hunching your shoulders, or squinting at the screen.

Get up, stretch and move around regularly. It is also important to rest your eyes regularly – staring out of a window is a good way to give them a rest!

Also give your hands a break as they are doing the “heavy lifting” all day.


7. Work Outside

Our natural habitat is NOT a room filled with fluorescent lights and computer screens.

So, grab your laptop, or a notebook, and get out to a nearby outdoor cafeteria or park – even if it’s just for a short while. You’d be surprised how stress-relieving this is, and you will also get a healthy dose of vitamin D.


8. Turn that Music Down

Do listen to your favourite music or podcasts as this can help you de-stress. However, loud music can be harsh on the eardrums. If you are continuously blasting it through your headphones, turn the volume down a notch and give your head a break.


9. Breathe

Just take a minute (or more!) to stop, look away from your work, and just breathe. You’ll be surprised by how better you feel! You can even take it further by practising mindfulness or meditation – there are loads of apps out there that can help you with step-by-step instructions..


Our final tip for you is for MODERATION. Healthy habits are about achieving a balance between work and pleasure, healthy stuff and little indulgences, sitting and standing. You don’t have to stop having fun or enjoying a glass of wine with your work colleagues. Just be mindful of your choices.


If you are interested in ensuring the physical wellbeing of your team, we recommend a comprehensive health program for your company:

For more information, contact us today on +356 21221355, 9985 2404 or send an email on

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