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Dr Stefan Laspina MD, FF Path, FRCPath
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Alex Gingell
Laboratory Director
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Prof A. Cilia Vincenti MD, FRCPath
Mob: 79441707

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Monday to Friday
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Diet Restrictions for Vanillymandelic Acid (VMA)

The following instructions are intended to help the patient collect the correct specimen for the test your clinician has requested.

Three (3) days prior to the collection of a 24-hour urine sample and during the collection of the sample:

  • The patient must NOT EAT the following foods: Vanilla, chocolate, tomatoes, coffee, tea, colas, bananas.
  • the patient must NOT TAKE ASPIRIN and/or drugs containing Aspirin.
  • These tests typically require a 24-hour urine specimen. Please see the instructions for collection of a 24-hour urine.

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